Mega & Megan’s first appearance in China

June was a special month for the Corniche family as we welcomed the Corniche twins, Mega and Megan in two back-to-back events in Shenzhen China.

北京快乐十分Mega and Megan are officially Corniche Ambassadors who have captured the hearts of many children and child-at-heart as well. On their debut appearance in China, Mega and Megan were the special surprise guests at the opening ceremony of our China distributor’s new office. What a great way to cheer up the day!

Next, the crowd roared with applause and excitement when Mega and Megan graced the Children’s day celebration!

Hailing from the Corniche Marshmallow Kingdom, Mega and Megan do not have very long limbs; in fact they only have short stubby arms good for holding things. And they are nothing but cute, soft and bouncy. However,   they are kind and sweet, and they always think of the good for others. Mega and Megan are courageous, too!

北京快乐十分More of Mega and Megan were introduced to the world at the first worldwide Commercial video that went live in June. The commercial video was effective in raising awareness of the brand and in educating our avid China supporters about the many ways they can enjoy marshmallows, including drinking it with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. This idea was a hit and our Chinese friends appreciated discovering greater fun when they tried Corniche marshmallows in hot chocolate for the first time.

北京快乐十分Also this month, Corniche echoed its new tagline for the brand: Greater Fun With Us!

北京快乐十分Our efforts to produce the highest quality of food products to bring utmost joy and fun to our beloved consumers pay off. When we see our consumers enjoying Corniche with family and friends, indeed, it warms our hearts to know that we have brought greater fun to all! Let the good times roll! Nothing compares to the fun you can have when you share a bag of Corniche!

北京快乐十分Truly, June was a month of having greater fun when we introduced our Ambassadors Mega and Megan to the world!